Our Story

Welcome to Pho Tasty!

We opened our restaurant in the fall of 2018 with a clear vision in mind—to offer a fresh and modern Vietnamese dining experience. Duc, the owner, arrived in Canada as an immigrant, making a daunting journey by boat without any family or friends to support him. Upon his arrival, he had to immediately find work. Despite having minimal skills and very little English, he faced limited job opportunities and ultimately settled for a labour job. Duc dedicated over 20 years to the industry, but eventually grew weary of his job and yearned for a different career path.

Duc had always harboured a lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant and in 2017, he made the decision to quit his job and pursue his passion. For months, he scoured the city seeking the perfect location; eventually, he found the perfect location on Stony Plain Road, just 5 minutes from West Edmonton Mall. With unwavering determination, Duc spent countless months renovating the previously dark and closed space, transforming it into the bright and inviting establishment it is today.

Duc aimed to bring the contemporary flavours he cherished from his youth in Vietnam. He combined these new flavours with traditional family recipes to create something truly unique. Five years have passed since our restaurant’s inception, and throughout this time, we have forged lasting memories and served thousands of delightful customers, both local patrons and visitors from around the world.